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“As a Special Agent, I conducted thousands of polygraph examinations for the FBI, across the U.S. and overseas (CONUS & OCONUS), Along the way, I helped train new FBI, federal, and local polygraph examiners and law enforcement officers in the most effective Interview Strategies and Credibility Assessment techniques. Now that I have retired from government service, I understand that the most important polygraph examination is yours!”

-George Olivo

The Polygraph

The word “Polygraph” comes from the two Greek words: Poly, meaning Many, and Graphi which means Lines (Many Lines). You have probably seen it on television; multiple lines, scrolling across a page in every direction… fascinating! These familiar scenes can add dramatic effect in movies, but it’s not what polygraph is really like.

The truth is, Polygraph works more like a tape recorder. Rather than recording the voice, the polygraph monitors and records physiology which is both automatic and involuntary. The correlation between physiology and deception has been well established for centuries. In the hands of a skilled Examiner, these diagnostic features make polygraph extremely accurate and reliable.

How It Works
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Not all Polygraph Examiners are alike…

It may surprise you to know that many polygraph examiners have little investigative experience and have never conducted a proper forensic interview. A strong investigative background is important for the best Examiners as they are able to put peripheral matters in proper perspective, define and isolate relevant issues, and formulate fair and appropriate examinations. When your credibility is questioned, you deserve the GOLD standard in polygraph.

Different Experience

I will use my experience with the FBI and federal government to ensure you get a fair and accurate test that is reliable and trustworthy. A test that will leave no doubt about your credibility. Technology alone cannot replace the depth of experience of a trained investigator.

Different Training

Special Agents who aspire to become a FBI Certified Polygraph Examiner must have years of proven experience conducting complex criminal investigations and resolving sensitive national security matters. They must demonstrate superior Interview, Interrogation, and Elicitation skills while meeting the highest standards for oral and written communication. Only then will the FBI recommend a Special Agent for admission to the best of Polygraph Schools: The National Center for Credibility Assessment, (NCCA).

Different Education

Every Federal Polygraph Examiner must attend NCCA, sponsored by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and located at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. NCCA is the largest and most rigorous polygraph school in the nation, supporting 28 DoD and Federal agencies. NCCA is also responsible for polygraph Research and Development and compliance oversight on behalf of the US government Polygraph Programs.

Different Standards

Like most DoD Examiners, FBI Polygraph Examiners conduct hundreds of screening and security examinations each year. But, because the FBI is both an intelligence AND a law enforcement organization, FBI Examiners also conduct complex criminal, terrorism, and counterintelligence polygraph examinations all over the world. Within the polygraph community, FBI Examiners are considered among the best and most experienced in the world.
The Polygraph Examination

The Process


Your initial phone consultation with George Olivo is absolutely free. Once you’ve decided that Polygraph is right for you, a date can be set for your examination. Payment in full will be required before we can start formulating your polygraph exam.

Before Your Exam

On the day of your exam, continue your normal routine- If you normally drink coffee, take medications, walk the dog, then do those things on the day of your exam. Before the exam, every question will be reviewed with you to ensure that you receive a fair and accurate test.

During Your Exam

There are only three things you must do during your exam in order to ensure success: Sit still; Pay attention; and Tell the Truth. Omitting any one of these will negatively impact your experience. There will be No “trick” questions and No surprises during your examination.

After Your Exam

Immediately following your exam, you will have a one-on-one discussion with your examiner, George Olivo, to review your results. At your request, the results can be documented in a formal written report.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    After conducting over thirty controlled studies, The National Academy of Science has concluded that polygraph is between 85% and 92% accurate.

    George Olivo is based in Southern California- Los Angeles, CA. However, he provides services throughout the United States and internationally (subject to additional travel fees).

    A polygraph examination consists of three parts: A pre-test interview, examination, and a post-test interview to review the results. Depending on the complexity of issue(s), a typical polygraph test can take two to three hours.

    The cost for private polygraph services can range from $300 to $2,000 or more.

    Yes and No… Consult an attorney for legal guidance and advice.

    This is known as a “False Positive” and yes, it can happen. Polygraph examiners are responsible for many variables which go into rendering an accurate polygraph result… and not all polygraph examiners are the same. While nothing in life is full proof, the most experienced and highly trained examiners will deliver the most accurate and reliable results.

    Referred to as “Purposeful Non-Cooperation”, cheating on a polygraph exam is like trying to thread a needle in the dark! And because experienced examiners are well trained in detecting PNC, it’s better for a person to skip the polygraph exam altogether than to have their exam invalidated by the examiner due to PNC.